Monday, February 6, 2017

Disrupting Average

There cannot be compromise. Effort is the only thing that will perpetuate success. In the process, power and influence will offer their favor to those committed to shaping excellence! Unlike anything else, power & influence will disrupt "average" to create extraordinary. When exercised from a place of good intentions - where values and integrity are not compromised and there's a genuine desire to make something better - extraordinary will make it's mark, defining greatness. In the process, one may find it likely to be creating the best version of one's self; a self that is both distinct and unique, taking on the very qualities that define the outcome. Great moments are born from people who maintain a higher expectation and command more than average effort. They command thoughts and actions toward something better - believing that something better is possible...that something meaningful is within reach!
Claim the moment; be absolutely committed to demonstrating your best and striving for something higher! Persistence will give rise to opportunity; opportunity will foster effort; effort will produce meaningful outcomes. It's within reach and many times, it's one step beyond the point where failure seemed imminent. There's a story waiting to be written! A story that average will never tell.

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