Thursday, January 26, 2017

Viscosity of Greatness

You cannot fake it and you certainly can't break it.
There is no way to just take it and it can't be fabricated.

There's no use in wishing for it
and luck wouldn't help you score it.

Not by happenstance nor lack of intent,
it would not show up if you were absent.

It cannot mark a moment on its own,
it was meant for you to be shown.

There is a purpose and it can always begin again,
there’s a message and it's yours through the end.

It inspires from within
and knows the difference between half-hearted and genuine.

Sometimes it's not there until you begin
it may only show up when you're "all in"!

Invigorating and contagious,
it's not uncommon that it may present itself through stages.

It has the power to change the day
just by belief and what you say!

It's true that it may go undiscovered
but continues to whisper to us all until uncovered!

It can recognize itself in another's voice
and it hears when you call upon it by choice!

It's more true that it won't always instantly win,
but persistence is its mark, so go begin!

Your words activate the process and actions manifest,
make time today to endeavor and bring your best!

You may not succeed right from the start,
but get back up and know your heart!

The viscosity of rigor and attitude will pull you through,
stay the course and always be true, be YOU!

You will recognize it when you see
that it's meant for you, you'll be - - GREATNESS!

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