Saturday, December 24, 2016

A Poem for Greatness

If it were not within us then how would we know,
that strength, the might, the effort toward greatness, that we all can show?

It must be true that in every one of whom there is that defining quality of greatness,
we recognize because there is that something of relatedness.

For within those beliefs and experiences that brought one there,
it was in the effort and expectation we may hold for compare.

If we recognize this and know it to be true,
than observe it's within the breadth through which we also strew.

Some will take measure and others will not heed the call,
but extend hope and work toward great, it's available to all.

Take hold and believe that here within,
there is a meaning at work to where greatness has no end.

Continue efforts that inspire and transcend,
collect these measures through the hand that you lend.

For it is with much great work that we must never grow faint,
live with courage, determination and faith to claim your fate.

For in the parting ways of the somewhat average tendencies we may hold dear,
we must exert our force and passion toward that which our purpose has been made clear!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Fabric of Greatness

It's not a feeling that gets you there - that place where many aspire to be, but few engage in the work necessary to arrive. Greatness emerges from a relentless behavior that embraces the daily discipline of a commitment built from faith, courage and persistence! Greatness is therefore, a spectacular manifestation of an attitude developed by opportune behaviors woven into a daily process central to moral purpose. There is no compromise! Greatness will not take measure with average nor will it exist aside mediocrity. Only greatness bestows greatness; that's why GREATNESS is more of a process than it will ever be an outcome; but it will only ever be an outcome if the processes upon which it is built are woven deeply into the fabric of the necessary attitudes and activities that called upon it!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Starting with Greatness

Starting with greatness is much more powerful than expecting an end result that is great! Oftentimes people are disappointed with an outcome that doesn't qualify for GREAT because they started with effort that was "average". Usually, when you begin the process with GREATNESS, you get there! One of the most powerful influencers for greatness is the process of beginning [first and foremost] in your mind! If you set out to do great things, you will almost assuredly arrive there! It's a process - a purposeful pursuit that takes passion and persistence!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Greatness Manifest

Advancing forward with continued enthusiasm takes a genuine hunger for risk, vulnerability and purpose. At the forefront of our efforts there is the ever-present element of risk. That risk emanates from "what if" and "why". The tally of "what if' possibilities can be paralyzing; but it's the desire for something better that perpetuates effort and encourages one to stay the course substantiates the "why". Through this process, there will be moments of vulnerability. You will have to take a stand for something and this will require a voice. Let that voice be guided by faith, tenacity, discipline, courage and commitment as these things will be tested and ultimately tried true. As these things take form, purpose begins to surface. Therefore, strive to define a meaningful intent where effort is consistently aligned with integrity...this will bring GREATNESS manifest.

Destination Greatness

Greatness! It isn't just an outcome, it's a thought process. To arrive at greatness, one must first imagine that it is possible. We are capable of producing great outcomes by way of first imaging them and seeing them in our mind. Vision over visability - a reminder that thoughts and outcomes do collide; for if you can think it, than it can be so. Hold true to that calling you hear within. Trust that inkling that suggests "it is possible - it can happen." Believe in the vision and remain true to get through!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

To and Through

More than the outcome, it's the commitment. It's commitment that really matters! Engaging the daily grind. Expecting that it's not going to be easy; but it's necessary! Necessary because you were called to it! And because you were called to it, you'll get through it! Know that YOU can! Expect that you will! Commitment is effort and effort is what's inside of you! Give your absolute best and make GREATNESS your mark. Greatness can only exist in an outcome where it first existed in commitment. Average doesn't produce great; great produces great! Being average is easy. Boring! Capture the essence of extraordinary and commit to bringing GREAT into your daily efforts - everyone you meet with has probably already dealt with average - be the great you need to be and let it be greatness that others see!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Struggle or Strive? Survive or Thrive?

From "Struggle to Survive" to "Strive and Thrive" We've all heard "the struggle is real" and it's easy to connect with this catchy phrase because to some extend, life has presented all of us with some type of "struggle". All of us have overcome things in our lives that were difficult; moreover, we've seen others struggle and/or go through some challenging times. It's a natural part of life and it's even expected. In fact, we've all connected with some form of the notion that 'anything worth having isn't easy'. There are hundreds of reminders that keep our thinking at the same level. What I would like to suggest is that we purposefully and intentionally elevate our thinking. It's the only way to start achieving more - if not, how prepared are you to continue getting the same results? It takes daily commitment, practice, trust(and great faith) to elevate our thinking and believe that greater things are possible! If we agree that "the struggle is real" and we simply commit to this notion, we will constantly continue to execute at this level. Outcomes will marginally reflect successes that align with failing short of something greater. Why not begin to think BIGGER? If we can elevate our thoughts then it's possible (not guaranteed) that greater outcomes are likely. Sure, there will be disappointments; but how is that any different than how things are currently. Take the time today to commit to something greater! Believe YOU 'can' because YOU deserve better! Instead of thinking about how we must struggle to survive, begin to elevate your thoughts to focus on how we can strive to thrive, TODAY!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Packing Positive

Get your thoughts right to get greatness flowing! What's the message you're telling yourself? Is it inspiring or conspiring (against you and your efforts)! Many times, we have to check in and be intentional with our thoughts! Any thoughts that feel defeating need to be recognized for what they are and replaced with two positive ways of thinking. Oftentimes, we build more negative thoughts right on top of the negative one. It's easy to think about all the bad things that could potentially happen just from that one thought. Instead, see it as an opportunity to work in some positive, problem-solving techniques and grow from there! Being proactive, optimistic and positive isn't easier - but it does help more people (including yourself)!

Monday, November 7, 2016

Discovering Greatness

Being exceptional starts with giving your best. In all things, those moments that end up mattering the most, are those moments you met with determination and vigor. When you set out to accomplish anything, honor the potential of greatness destined to be born by staying committed to those moments in time. You were called into that space [that moment] wherein, an awakening composes harmony between time and creation. Inside any moment is a defining quality of discovery. This moment needs you because you were called into that space; bring your passion and unlock the great things meant for you to create!

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Calling Upon Greatness

There's not enough time to wait for motivation to show up; oftentimes we must simply begin. In creating meaningful moments that matter, there are times we must simply engage in an activity even though we may lack the motivation to do so. Motivation cannot be a prerequisite, it is oftentimes a bi-product of a process where one has become one with the moment. A moment that was always waiting to be claimed. When one rises up and "shows up" in any moment, with determination and passion, the full measure of that moment is captured with all the intent and richness we were always meant to create. It's as if, that moment was never not going to become our memory - OR - an enriching part of another's repertoire. When we are called into a moment, what we make of it is entirely up to us. Take your greatness to that moment. Take your passion into the moment. When passion and preparation meet any moment where good intentions combine with purpose, you are inviting greatness. Greatness is where you are!