Thursday, March 9, 2017

Speaking of Greatness

Greatness - call it into existence! Believe that you "can" and it shall be so! Greatness can begin with a single thought!
Here's the powerful truth about that...thoughts are things - they emit a frequency in your life (think about The Law of Attraction) and thereby begin to create the world around you. Harness this for your own expectation(s) to be your best self as well as inspiring others! Think about inspiring someone [today] that you care about. What can you do/say to encourage that person?
Think it!
Speak it!
Create it!
What you say to others has the power to inspire, enrich, improve, influence!
The words you speak can take root in the lives of others and provide a profound influence in what happens "next"! Your "next" and theirs! What you create in thoughts will manifest in your words and will “show up” in life! Build the world around you by speaking greatness into YOUR life and the lives of others! Keep GREATNESS where you as you align your thoughts with great intention!

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