Sunday, November 6, 2016

Calling Upon Greatness

There's not enough time to wait for motivation to show up; oftentimes we must simply begin. In creating meaningful moments that matter, there are times we must simply engage in an activity even though we may lack the motivation to do so. Motivation cannot be a prerequisite, it is oftentimes a bi-product of a process where one has become one with the moment. A moment that was always waiting to be claimed. When one rises up and "shows up" in any moment, with determination and passion, the full measure of that moment is captured with all the intent and richness we were always meant to create. It's as if, that moment was never not going to become our memory - OR - an enriching part of another's repertoire. When we are called into a moment, what we make of it is entirely up to us. Take your greatness to that moment. Take your passion into the moment. When passion and preparation meet any moment where good intentions combine with purpose, you are inviting greatness. Greatness is where you are!

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