Thursday, November 10, 2016

Struggle or Strive? Survive or Thrive?

From "Struggle to Survive" to "Strive and Thrive" We've all heard "the struggle is real" and it's easy to connect with this catchy phrase because to some extend, life has presented all of us with some type of "struggle". All of us have overcome things in our lives that were difficult; moreover, we've seen others struggle and/or go through some challenging times. It's a natural part of life and it's even expected. In fact, we've all connected with some form of the notion that 'anything worth having isn't easy'. There are hundreds of reminders that keep our thinking at the same level. What I would like to suggest is that we purposefully and intentionally elevate our thinking. It's the only way to start achieving more - if not, how prepared are you to continue getting the same results? It takes daily commitment, practice, trust(and great faith) to elevate our thinking and believe that greater things are possible! If we agree that "the struggle is real" and we simply commit to this notion, we will constantly continue to execute at this level. Outcomes will marginally reflect successes that align with failing short of something greater. Why not begin to think BIGGER? If we can elevate our thoughts then it's possible (not guaranteed) that greater outcomes are likely. Sure, there will be disappointments; but how is that any different than how things are currently. Take the time today to commit to something greater! Believe YOU 'can' because YOU deserve better! Instead of thinking about how we must struggle to survive, begin to elevate your thoughts to focus on how we can strive to thrive, TODAY!

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