Saturday, December 24, 2016

A Poem for Greatness

If it were not within us then how would we know,
that strength, the might, the effort toward greatness, that we all can show?

It must be true that in every one of whom there is that defining quality of greatness,
we recognize because there is that something of relatedness.

For within those beliefs and experiences that brought one there,
it was in the effort and expectation we may hold for compare.

If we recognize this and know it to be true,
than observe it's within the breadth through which we also strew.

Some will take measure and others will not heed the call,
but extend hope and work toward great, it's available to all.

Take hold and believe that here within,
there is a meaning at work to where greatness has no end.

Continue efforts that inspire and transcend,
collect these measures through the hand that you lend.

For it is with much great work that we must never grow faint,
live with courage, determination and faith to claim your fate.

For in the parting ways of the somewhat average tendencies we may hold dear,
we must exert our force and passion toward that which our purpose has been made clear!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Fabric of Greatness

It's not a feeling that gets you there - that place where many aspire to be, but few engage in the work necessary to arrive. Greatness emerges from a relentless behavior that embraces the daily discipline of a commitment built from faith, courage and persistence! Greatness is therefore, a spectacular manifestation of an attitude developed by opportune behaviors woven into a daily process central to moral purpose. There is no compromise! Greatness will not take measure with average nor will it exist aside mediocrity. Only greatness bestows greatness; that's why GREATNESS is more of a process than it will ever be an outcome; but it will only ever be an outcome if the processes upon which it is built are woven deeply into the fabric of the necessary attitudes and activities that called upon it!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Starting with Greatness

Starting with greatness is much more powerful than expecting an end result that is great! Oftentimes people are disappointed with an outcome that doesn't qualify for GREAT because they started with effort that was "average". Usually, when you begin the process with GREATNESS, you get there! One of the most powerful influencers for greatness is the process of beginning [first and foremost] in your mind! If you set out to do great things, you will almost assuredly arrive there! It's a process - a purposeful pursuit that takes passion and persistence!